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Vegan Burger (9 Patties) - Veggie Six

Updated: May 29, 2020

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If you haven’t already heard of the Vegan Burger Veggie Six Mix, then it’s worth looking. With over 250 customer rating, and of the last review it had a 3.8 average star rating, Vegan and non-vegan eaters seem to agree that this is worth having in your inventory.

Easy to make and definitely better than frozen veggie burgers.

For sure not for everyone, some say it’s basically a bean patty mix. Not as good as homemade but good to have on hand. The mix looks like it has a lot of tasty stuff in it, but some users found it tasteless, so you need some added spices.

Vegan Burgers can be use as taco fillings and they taste good once you've seasoned them well. The taste isn't bad but there isn't enough "punch". Pouring on some Worcestershire will give the added "punch" to the mix.

Best yet Vegan Burger mixes are gluten free. tasty and not salty. Pack in resealable bags Vegan Burger has a 1-year shelf life and can last for up to a year in the pantry with no refrigeration necessary.

FREE of Soy, Nuts, GMO- ingredients, as well as gluten. Brimming with natural, organic vegetables, contains vegan diet staples, such as mushrooms, rice, black and pinto beans, leeks, potatoes, delightful bell peppers, tomatoes and more! A perfect source of carbs and nutritious, plant fiber

Carries the Certified Vegan Seal and Oregon Kosher Certified

Get your Veggie Burger on Amazon here:


Try making your own plant base vegan burger:

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