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To Be Vegan or Not To Be

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

What you need to know before you go Vegan

The ethical and health benefits of going Vegan are beyond dispute. Start talking about it with friends and family and you will feel terrorized.

Lots of friends and family members are going Vegan. The case for a diet free of all animal products, like meat, fish, dairy and eggs, is convincing. As stated by University of Oxford researchers, going Vegan is at the top of the list as the single biggest way to reduce your impact on the plant environment not to mention the disagreement against eating industrial farmed animals which have an horrible quality of life and are frequently pumped full of powerful antibiotics that is suspected to pose a risk to your health.

If you are a big-time barbecuing meat-eater, it is hard to know where to start. Here is what some leading Vegans are saying…

Green's good for You!

Should you jump right in?

Some leading Vegans don’t think there is a correct answer. It comes down to the individual and whether you can cope with the lifestyle change. The expert recommends easing into Veganism by exploring the Vegan world. However other do recommend going cold turkey.

The accessibility of Vegan product makes a gradual approach more suggestive, replacing products in your eating habits with alternative items, minimizing the impact.

What do you say to meat loving people?

Kill they with kindness They will bombard you with meat jokes or tell you that you are killing yourself because you are not getting any protein. “I understand people have some negativity towards Vegan people because I was one of those people. We must educate the nonbelievers and that’s been going on with my family via marathon texting.

Are you getting enough protein?

Only when you say you are Vegan will anyone ask about Protein. Protein deficiency is uncommon in the western world. Combing protein rich food such as beans, pulses, seeds and nuts. A misconception is that it’s difficult to get protein from plant foods that’s nothing but a myth. Plant base food can provide all the essential protein substances we call amino acids. like beans, lentils, chickpeas, soya products, peanut butter, cashew nuts and pumpkin seeds.

Will you be getting enough vitamins and minerals?

It is important to make sure you get enough vitamin B12. If you are going Vegan, without vitamin B12, you will feel exhausted and weak. You can get B12 from fortified foods such as breakfast cereal, dairy-free spread and yeast extract, or you can take a B12 supplement “Fortified plant milk is a good source for calcium.

Is Veganism expensive.?

Primarily, you want fruit, vegetables and lentils of various kinds. Don't concern yourself the posh cuisines unless you have the money for it. Being Vegan in general should be inexpensive. “To keep it affordable, avoid products that even say ‘Vegan’ on them. "You’re just going to go back to basics and eat fruit, vegetables, grains, nuts and beans – and you are going to be incredibly healthy, as well as saving money.”

Do I have to give up going to dinner at other people’s houses?

That depends on whether you trust them to respect your dietary preferences.

A good approach for any well-mannered guest is to offer to bring a Vegan dish with you. “By offering to bring some food, you’re contributing and you’re getting a chance to show delicious food to everyone who is not Vegan”

(Source: The Guardian)

For more reasons to go Vegan check out these documentaries:




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