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Conch Feast Panamanian Bahamian Style

By Chef Karl Brown

Chef Karl Brown did the cooking family friend Morgan Tharpe provided the Conch. Check the video below.

Conch Feast Panamanian Bahamian Style

  1. Steam Conch (Red Bell Peppers, Habanero Peppers, Garlic, Thyme

  2. Panamanian Pepper sauce (home made by Josefina Munajj

  3. Rice and Panamanian Style (home made by Jamile “Kitty” Brown

  4. Conch Salad

  5. Conch Fritters

  6. Cracked Conch

  7. Panamanian Fry plantain done in an Air Fryer

  8. Dipping Sauce

  9. Special sauce with coconut rum other special ingredients can’t tell you about

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