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Mavis was my wife’s Jamaican-born mother, who had a total of nine children.  Six from her first marriage, Dale, Marcia, Cranston, Carmella, Junior, and Sandra.  After her first husband passed away, she remarried and had three additional children, Raymond, Steven, and Judy.


Feeding all nine children meant that Mavis was always thinking up new recipes. The aroma that stemmed from her kitchen created an appetite, and the delicious food that followed was the envy of all gourmet chefs, and a treat for her kids.


Although Mavis kept most of her recipes secret, some of the children were quite observant and learned how to cook like their mother.


My wife has been accused of memorizing Mavis’ savory ox-tail and rice and peas dish, while Cranston, her brother, mastered many of the others.  Cranston learned to cook his mother’s jerk pork, escovitch fish, roast beef, conch soup, sprays, curry goat, curry chicken, and the ackee and salt fish dishes, callaloo and bammy. Together, Dale and Cranston’s replicas of their mom’s food has been lauded as “bombastic!”


Dale and Cranston share that when preparing Mavis’ dishes, it is important to have fresh ingredients.  They strongly encourage you to use a local vendor who can provide you with fresh meats, produce, herbs, and spices.


In Jamaica, Cranston rises early to shop for each of Mavis’ recipe.  He visits country farms and open markets to barter and obtain fresh goods at bargain rates.


 Because Mavis’ dishes are cooked with fresh ingredients and served hot, they burst with flavor.  This is not the Jamaican food you have become accustomed to in America, these delightful dishes, which are as unique as the chef that prepares them, will leave you saying, “Ye eat good!,” in a Jamaican accent.


Like the saying goes, “Come to Jamaica!”  If you can’t, then do the next best thing like cooking something up from Mavis’ Kitchen.  I assure you that you will enjoy a tasty meal that will make you feel as if you took an adventure at places like the roadside grills outside Ocho Rios, or to Gloria’s Port Royal Restaurant in Kingston Jamaica.


“Yu si a wah mi a seh?  EAT GOOD!


OK! After saying all that why am I thinking Vegan. The contents of Mavis Kitchen will be for everyone to enjoy and Learn.

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